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About Our School

Dear neighbor,

My name's Kyo Kim, and I'm the founder of our New York martial arts school. I get asked time after time why I decided to open a school in the first place.

It's a good question!

I'm sure there are businesses much more profitable I could've gone into. But the truth is, my heart is in martial arts, because it's not just about self-defense and punches and kicks.

It's one of the few things in this world that truly changes people from the inside out.

Kids mature and grow into great leaders. They master concepts most of us never do, like focus, discipline, and respect.

Adults gain the tools they need to stay safe, and protect their loved ones. Fewer things give you such a feeling of confidence as this. Plus, they also enrich their own sense of respect and focus, helping them lead more vibrant lives.

And of course - it's FUN!

We laugh and smile a lot here. After all, I want you to have a great time and to think of martial arts with joy.

So take your time looking around our site, and when you're ready, grab one of our amazing specials for the program that's right for you.

And if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. We're here to help.

Kyo Kim

Head instructor, United Martial Arts Manhattan
New York Martial Arts

  • Kids Martial Arts
  • Adult Martial Arts
  • Fitness Kickboxing
  • Birthday Parties
  • Summer Camp

Many people think marital arts is purely an activity for self-defense or athleticism / fitness. The truth is, there's a whole other side of martial arts that no one knows about, except for those who experience it themselves. That's the side that helps you grow inside and out as a person.

Kids truly change for the better in these classes. They're challenged, inspired, and motivated to be their best. They learn discipline, respect, confidence, and focus. And they learn how to work hard to achieve their goals in life. That's why martial arts have been used to help kids grow for literally thousands of years.

Our New York Martial Arts classes are a very fun form of exercise and workout for adults of all ages and fitness levels. No experience at all is required to partake in them as well. Even if you've never thrown a kick or a punch in your life, you'll fit right in from the start and have a great time.

These martial arts classes are all about fitness, self-defense, and community. Our members often become great friends and everyone supports and encourages each other. That makes the classes a ton of fun and it's probably why our members keep on coming back!

Fitness Kickboxing is a cardio and resistance exercise program that utilizes professional kickboxing techniques to form a fun, fat-burning workout. Because kickboxing require your entire body, you burn calories more efficiently and quickly than many other workouts.

Our New York fitness kickboxing program is led by very passionate, knowledgable instructors who love helping people lose weight and get in shape. You don't have to have any experience in kickboxing either for fit in. In fact, most of our members were brand new to the exercise when they started.

Many parents are frustrated with the "traditional" birthday party options that are available in New York. For instance, you have "fun zone" type places that are very expensive, and kids go hyper-crazy and are nearly impossible to calm down or get them to leave. Or you have the backyard party but that requires a tremendous amount of effort and clean up.

However, with our parties, you get the best of both worlds. You get a fun, supervised event for your child and their friends that's a ton of fun - but it's structured so kids aren't just "going wild" (but they do have a lot of fun). And we handle the bulk of the "heavy lifting" like cleaning too, so you're free to just relax.

Our New York summer camp for kids is loved by children as much as it is by their parents. Kids can't wait to show up every day and engross themselves in our fun activities and games, martial arts learning, and more. Parents love that their children are not only having fun, but learning powerful life lessons like discipline, respect, and focus.

All in all, it's an enriching, learning, and powerful way for your children to spend their summer. Because of this though, we often sell out fast. Please call us now to ask about reserving a spot for your child! We'd love to have you.